Choosing the wrong contractor can be costlyﳰan>

Very often our customers 诰 around毲 system solutions from several contractors.䨩s seems at first to be a great idea, and typically the cheapest guy wins. read on...쯳pan>


Evaluating designs is like comparing apples and orangesﳰan>

Here is the challenge. The church receives three different design concepts, one using two speakers to the left and right of the chancel, one using a central cluster of two speakers and one using a central cluster of three speakers.嶥ryone is using a different mixing console, and two contractors are telling you that your existing wireless mics need to be replaced. How do you decide who to hire?


We provide you with the answersﳰan>

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Exodus will act as a third-party evaluator of the various contractorsಯposed solutions.祠will attend interviews with the contractors, ask the tough questions, and provide a written evaluation of each of the proposals㴲engths and weaknesses based on the equipment selected and the design concept.沯m this evaluation you will be able to make a clear, confident decision.

Contractor Evaluation

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Text Box: Let Exodus help take the guess work out competing designs from different contractors.