Your system is a significant investment...

A new audio or video system is a significant investment for any organization.䨥re is always a delicate balance between features and performance on one side and budget on the other. The most effective way of achieving this balance is by using our consulting services.祠provide a level playing field for contractors to bid on.


An unbiased consultant saves time and money...

Think about buying a car.馠you could sit down with an unbiased consultant (not a car salesman) and discuss all the things that you and your family need in a car (we have three plays the tuba...we like to ski and ride bicycles...etc젡nd that consultant culled all of that information and came up with the perfect car for your family, you would then be able to walk into five dealers with that exact description and get the best deal possible on the vehicle.ﴨerwise you may end up with the car that didn౵ite hold the tuba, or may not have had the foresight to think about how fast the kids are growing and what you will need in a car five years from now.




Exodus Audio Video Services

8610 Regor Lane

Annandale, Virginia 22003

Phone: 703-425-0225



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We work within your guidelines...

Once contracted with us you will be able to talk openly about your budget, and we will work with you to design a system that meets your needs within that budget.?use of state-of-the-art computer modeling software allows us to accurately simulate the performance of our proposed system before one wire is pulled or one hole is drilled. Once the design is completed we will help you select qualified candidates to bid on the installation.


Our job is not done until your system is up and running...

When all of the bids are received, we will attend interviews with the candidates and make our recommendation as to who should be awarded the contract for installation. We then work with that contractor and you to insure the system is installed as specified and that any changes or modification to the original design do not affect the performance of the system.

Text Box: Using a consultant can be the most effective way to acquire a system that performs to your expectations.
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